Recent Projects

Was at a clients installing a backup system and he had one of these. This was way before my time. Was cool to see never seen one in person before.


  • Dual half-height 5¼-inch, single-sided double-density 40 track floppy disk drives with 160 kilobyte capacity
  • 4 MHz Z80A CPU
  • 124 kilobytes main memory
  • Fold-down keyboard doubling as the computer case's lid
  • 7-inch, 80 character × 24 line amber monochrome CRT display
  • IEEE-488 port configurable as a parallel printer port
  • Two RS-232 compatible 2400/1200 or 300 baud serial ports for use with external modems or serial printers
  • External Composite video monitor connection
  • Storage pocket for up to 8 5¼-inch disks

The Osborne Executive was powered by a wall plug, and had no internal battery, although an aftermarket battery pack offering 1-hour run time was available.


  • Width: 20.5 inches (52 cm)
  • Height: 9 inches (23 cm)
  • Depth: 13 inches (33 cm)
  • Weight 28 pounds (13 kg)

It is amazing the things you come across when recycling old computers.
Here is an old high end HP desktop. Check out the old audio ports on the front panel. Has a media drive that you can remove and take with you and use as a portable hard drive. Called it a Media Center. The thing weighed a ton.

Here is a original Gateway laptop that I recycled for a customer. Believe it or not it actually turned on and ran. This old school machine had a 3.5in floppy drive, a CD drive and PCMCIA card slots in it. Check out the old analog volume dial knob. This one is a classic.

Here is a open air custom Computer a customer brought to me.

Here is my custom built liquid cooled computer

My Nephews first build, so proud of him. Great first experience for him.